Top Choice Korean in Darkhan

Bulgogi Family

Bright, friendly, genuine Korean restaurant featuring bulgogi (grilled meat), spicy soups, tasty bibimbap (rice topped with meat, vegetables and an egg, choice of hot or cold) and noodle dishes. Mains are accompanie…
Mongolian in Sükhbaatar

Modern Nomads

This branch of the popular Modern Nomads chain restaurant is a breath of fresh air in a town where, frankly, good eateries are thin on the ground. If you can get the nervous staff to serve you, you can choose from m…
American in Darkhan

Texas Pub

Though Texans are about as common in Darkhan as Mongolians who can't ride a horse, the menu at this dark-wood, modern bar features plenty of burgers, fries, steaks and sandwiches – yeehaw. Wednesday is cocktail nigh…
Mongolian in Sükhbaatar


Popular restaurant near the town square gets packed at lunchtime with locals. The extensive picture menu features hearty soups, good dumplings and meat-and-rice dishes.
Cafe in Darkhan

Sondor Bakery & Cafe

This cute cafe and bakery serves up pizzas, pastas, tasty cakes and other baked goods. There's an attached pub where you can sink a drink; it's open until midnight.
Mongolian in Altanbulag

Dolphin Hotel Restaurant

Mongolian noodles and dumplings share a menu with goulash and a few other Russian-style meals.
Market in Sükhbaatar


The daily market, behind the Khutagt Ekh Datsan, is lively and friendly and, as this is a border town, well stocked.
Supermarket in Darkhan

Darkhan Department Store

The grocery store here (located in the basement) is a great spot for self-caterers to stock up on supplies.