Top things to do

Museum in Sainshand

Museum of Danzan Ravjaa

The life and achievements of Noyon Khutagt Danzan Ravjaa (1803–56), a well-known Mongolian writer, composer, painter and medic who was born about 100km southwest of Sainshand, are honoured in this small but well-put…
Museum in Sainshand

Sainshand Natural History Museum

This well-appointed museum houses plenty of stuffed Gobi animals, and a collection of seashells and marine fossils (Dornogovi was once beneath the sea). There is also an impressive skeleton of a Protoceratops and a …
Mongolian in Sainshand

Best Restaurant

Clean and friendly, this local favourite doles out excellent Mongolian dishes; they recommend the bainshte shöl (dumpling soup). Ask for the English menu – they only have one, and it sometimes takes a while to find.…
Chinese in Sainshand

Ikh Soyon Restaurant

Set on the 1st floor of the hotel of the same name, this up-scale dining room does tasty Chinese fare. The price tag is relatively high, but the setting and service are worth it.
Theatre in Sainshand

Satan Khukhu Theatre

A theatre named after the famous play by local hero Danzan Ravjaa, who would be proud that this Sainshand theatre group is considered the best outside Ulaanbaatar. Check noticeboards by the entrance for scheduling.