Buddhist Monastery in Sainshand

Khamaryn Khiid

This reconstructed monastery, an hour’s drive south of Sainshand, has grown up around the cult of Danzan Ravjaa, whom many locals believe was a living god. His image is sewn into a carpet that hangs in the main hall…
Museum in Sainshand

Museum of Danzan Ravjaa

The life and achievements of Noyon Khutagt Danzan Ravjaa (1803–56), a well-known Mongolian writer, composer, painter and medic who was born about 100km southwest of Sainshand, are honoured in this small but well-put…
Museum in Sainshand

Aimag Museum

The well-appointed Aimag Museum houses plenty of stuffed Gobi animals, and a collection of seashells and marine fossils (Dornogov was once beneath the sea). There is also an impressive skeleton of a Protoceratops an…