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It's a route that's popular with tourists making their way from Kharkhorin, invariably stopping at Orkhon Falls. From here you can embark on a horse trek to Khuisiin Naiman Nuur Nature Reserve, or continue east to the scenic Khangai Mountains, where you'll find one of central Mongolia's most atmospheric monasteries.

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MONGOLIA: 16 Days Authentic Mongolia Tour For Two

DAY 1 ARRIVE ULAANBAATA | MEALS: D: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar the capital city of Mongolia.DAY 2 BAGA GAZRIIN CHULUU | MEALS: B/L/D: Travel to Baga Gazriin Chuluu. DAY 3 TSAGAAN SUVARGA | MEALS: B/L/D: Continue travel to Tsagaan Suvarga.DAY 4 YOL VALLEY & TREKKING | MEALS: B/L/D: Morning we will drive to Yol valley (Lammergeier’s Gorge) about 220kms. Visit Gobi museum and hiking through the valley. DAY 5 KHONGOR SAND DUNE | MEALS: B/L/D: Travel to Khongor sand dunes for 180kms. Afternoon we will visit a nomad family and have a chance to see nomadic life in the Gobi. DAY 6 TRAVEL TO BAYANZAG | MEALS: B/L/D: Continue travel to Bayanzag. Here you will see saksaul forest in the Gobi desert and red flaming cliffs. DAY 7 TEMPLE RUIN OF ONGI & HIKING | MEALS: B/L/D: Travel to Ongi temple ruin for 140km. DAY 8 ORKHON VALLEY | MEALS: B/L/D: Drive to Orkhon valley for 5-6hours about 240kms. Today we will leave Gobi already and be entered to mountain and steppe zone. DAY 9 TSENKHER HOT SPRING | MEALS: B/L/D: Travel to Tsenkher hot spring. On the way we will hike for 2-3hours to Tuvkhun monastery. Continue travel to Tsenkher hot spring. Enjoy taking a hot spring bath.DAY 10 KHARAKHORUM | MEALS: B/L/D: Travel for 110kms to Kharakhorum. Kharakhorum was once the ancient capital of Mongolia. Visit Kharakhorum historical museum and Erdenezuu monastery. Then we will visit a local cooperative to attend a workshop for making small felt items. DAY 11 NOMAD COMMUNITY | MEALS: B/L/D: Travel to Gurvanbulag county in Bulgan province for 100kms. Afternoon followed by a brief instruction you will enjoy horseback riding for an hour. DAY 12 LEARNING HORSE LOVED CULTURE | MEALS:B/L/D:Morning we will visit a nomad family, learn more about traditional lifestyle. Activities include milking animals, processing dairy products, making traditional food. Afternoon hike to neighbouring mountain and sand dunes for 7-8kms. DAY 13 KHUSTAI NATIONAL PARK | MEALS: B/L/D: Travel to Khustai National Park for 200kms. After lunch, explore the park to see the Takhi horses in the wilderness. Continue travel to Ger camp for 45kms. DAY 14 TERELJ NATIONAL PARK | MEALS: B/L/D: Travel to Terelj national park 140kms via outskirt of Ulaanbaatar city. On the way we will visit to giant statue of “Chinggis Khaan”. After lunch continue trip to Terelj for 30kms. Visit to landmark of the area “Turtle Rock” and local temple Aryabal. DAY 15 TRAVEL BACK TO ULAANBAATAR | MEALS: B/L/D: Today we will travel for 65kms to Ulaanbaatar. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your hotel. Stay overnight in hotel. DAY 16 TOUR ENDS | MEALS: B

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Amazing Nomadic Adventure

We smoothly begin that trip in the steppe by the Ugii Lake, we walk by the lake and we can also learn horse-riding. As nomads, we sleep in real gers. Then, we go to the Orkhon Valley and visit Karakorum, ancient capital city of Great Mongolian Empire Period.  Some areas as far as the eye can see, herders “of five muzzles”: goat, sheep, cattle, horse and camel; nomads riding horses and meadows dotted with white gers. Day 1.  Arrival in UB, City tour Day 2.  Drive to Ugii Lake Day 3.  Kharkhorin & Erdene Zuu Monastery Day 4.  Shankh Monastery & Tuvkhun Monastery Day 5.  Orkhon Waterfall Day 6.  Trekking & Horse riding day/ Reach to Shavart Valley   Days 7-8. Trekking & Horse riding days/ Trekking towards to Khuisiin Naiman Nuur    Day 9.  Resting day at Khuisiin Naiman Nuur. Meet and Visit to Nomad family  Day 10.  Drive to Khungu Khan Mountain/Khugnu-Tarni National Park, Camel Riding Day 11.  Back in UB.

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The Best 6 Days Tour in Central Mongolia

Day 1: We will pick you up from your Ulaanbaatar hotel- drive to Khustai National Park - lunch time - search and explore wild horses in Khustai national park - drive to back to Khustai tourist camp - horseback riding - drive to Semi-Gobi /150 km/ - visit to nomadic family and enjoy their daily life and taste organic dairy products - dinner - overnight in the nomadic family National Park Khustai where re-introduction of the wild takhi horses (Przhevalsky's horses) has taken place since 1992. Takhi is last wild horse subspecies surviving in the 21st century. Day 2: After breakfast - drive to Kharakhorin /95 km/ - ride 2 humped camels - lunch - drive to Kharakhorin /270 km/ - visit to nomadic family and enjoy their daily life and taste organic dairy products - lunch - overnight in the local ger guesthouse in Kharkhorin, Erdene Zuu. Elsen Tasarkhai Sands is smaller sand dunes, several km long, continuously lies in the lowland of Khugnu Khan Mountain. Sand dunes represents landscape, climate & ecology of Gobi Desert, in this region.   Day 3: After breakfast in Karakorum /360 km/ - we'll go to the Museum and Karakorum Open Museum and more - after lunch time  we drive to Orkhon- overnight in the local ger. Karakorum, the capital of Great Mongolian State where today there is a small local township. In the history, the city of Karakorum was founded in 1220 in Orkhon River Valley by order of Genghis Khan and after collapsing of Yuan dynasty of Khuvilai Khan Min state’s invaders sacked the city and massacred its inhabitants in 1388 and ruined it. Day 4: After breakfast in Orkhon Valley - Waterfall - we'll go to the Tuvkhun Temple, a historic temple on top of a mountain.  HEre, you can hike 3-4 km or take a horse trekking to the top with the horseman and your tour guide.  Tonight, we come to the Kharakhorin and have dinner. The excellent location of Tuvkhun temple is short distance of 70 kms from Kharkhorin. If you visit to Kharkhorin, it is recommended to explore the Tuvkhun temple in impressive beautiful mountainous area. Zanabazar, who was the first leader of Buddhism, located the place. It was built in 1653, believers who gathered in Erdene Zuu monastery decided to built a special Monastery for Zanabazar.  Day 5: After breakfast in Karakorum /360 km/ - we'll go to the Uugii Lake. Ugii Lake attracts travelers, tourists and nature researchers from Mongolia as well as from foreign countries.  More than 150 types rare species of birds dwelling in Ugii lake. Day 6: After lunch we will drive back to the Ulaanbaatar city and then drop you off at your hotel.

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