Top Choice Kazakh in Ölgii

Arvin Restaurant & Pub

Smartly turned-out waiting staff, snappy service, an upmarket vibe and some tasty Kazakh favourites make this popular with locals and travellers alike. We recommend the sirne (a Kazakh dish of meat cooked in a press…
Turkish in Ölgii


A Turkish-run outfit that serves authentic kebabs, Turkish soups and tasty chicken dishes. The Turkish desserts are also excellent but portions are minuscule. Alcohol is not served here (apart from koumiss; fermente…
Western in Ölgii

Tsambagarav Hotel

Smart hotel restaurant with a well-stocked bar and a decent choice of Mongolian fare.
Supermarket in Ölgii

Tsambagarav Supermarket

Well-stocked supermarket; open late.