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This is a land of yaks, reindeer and clouds of black-furred goats (so coloured, locals say, to keep themselves warm during the frigid Khövsgöl winter). Khalkh Mongols dominate the south, while pockets of minority ethnic groups, including the Uriankhai, Khotgoid, Darkhad, and Tsaatan reindeer herders, are found elsewhere.

The region's most dramatic geographical feature and visitor magnet is the enormous Khövsgöl Nuur National Park, but the rest of the aimag is similarly stunning. The Darkhad Valley, Chandman-Öndör and Jargalant are fascinating syntheses of taiga forest, steppe and mountain biomes; Darkhad in particular feels cut off from the universe.

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$1200 Cultural & Theme Tours

Ice Festival Khuvsgul Mongolia

Day 1/ 2 March  Flight From Ulaanbaatar To Murun City. Meet and Pick up at your accommodation in UB for the  Flight to Murun. After our arrival we will be trasnfered to Khovsgol lake. Overnight in Blue Pearl Tourist ger camp. (Lunch + Dinner)Day 2/ 3 March Ice festival days in Khuvsgul  Ice festival  days. The festival involves ice sumo wrestling, international skating marathon and horse sleigh races, displays of ice sculptures, shaman ceremonies and visits by reindeer herders who make their way south to the festival from their northern taiga. Overnight in Blue Pearl Tourist ger camp. (Lunch + Dinner).  (Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner)Day 3/ 4MarchAfter breakfast, enjoy the last part of the festival which is the marathon of skaters and a horse sled racing on the lake. After our lunch back at our tourist camp. The shamanism ceremony will take place, you will be part of a very spiritual ritual that Mongolian Shamanists do. Day 4/ 05 March Flight to Murun  Flight back to Ulaanbaatar city. Transportation to your hotel/airport. (Breakfast+Lunch)

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5 Days-Horse Trekking in Khovsgol

Day 1. Our guide will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and take you to the Chinggis khaan International Airport. When we arrive at the airport in Moron, our driver will take you to the ger camp in Khovsgol lake. It will take around 3 hours driving.Day 2-5. Today we will meet our horse guides and horses then start our trekking. Our guide will give you a safety instruction to ride Mongolian horse before we move. Between these days, we will ride along the lake shore. On the day 2 we will reach the return point and ride back to the base camp for another 2 days. Day 5. Drive back to Moron and Fly to UB.

$3149 Classic

Naadam Festival Mongolia

Wander the land that gave the world Genghis Khan and experience the rich pageantry and intense competitions of the legendary Naadam Festival. Witness giants wrestle, archers hit impossible targets, and horses race across grasslands to glory. Travel the region’s steppes and sand dunes to uncover storied Buddhist monasteries and cultural treasures on this unique adventure. Overnight in gers with local families for extraordinary cultural experiences you won’t soon forget.