Park in Mandalgov

Byamba's Tree Nursery

Retired forest engineer and local conservationist Byamba Tseyen helped establish, and now maintains, this small tree-planting nursery on the edge of town, in an attempt to fend off desertification from the Gobi's sh…
Museum in Mandalgov

Mandalgov Museum

This enjoyable and informative museum is divided into two main sections: a taxidermy-heavy natural history section and a more interesting ethnography and historical section where you'll peruse a collection of pricel…
Buddhist Monastery in Mandalgov

Dashgimpeliin Khiid

In 1936 there were 53 temples in Dundgovi; a year later the Mongolian KGB reduced nearly all to ash and rubble. In 1991 Dashgimpeliin Khiid was opened for the people of Mandalgov. Around 30 monks now serve the monas…