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Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Kharkhorin

Erdene Zuu Khiid

Founded in 1586 by Altai Khaan, Erdene Zuu (Hundred Treasures) was the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. The monastery went through periods of neglect and prosperity until finally the Stalinist purges of 1937 pu…
Top Choice Museum in Kharkhorin

Karakorum Museum

Kharkhorin's museum is small, but highly impressive – probably the country's best museum outside Ulaanbaatar. Everything is beautifully designed and well displayed.The exhibits include dozens of artefacts dating fro…
Historic Site in Kharkhorin

Stone Turtles

Outside the monastery walls of Erdene Zuu Khiid are two stone turtles. Four of these sculptures once marked the boundaries of ancient Karakorum, acting as protectors of the city (turtles are considered symbols of et…
Buddhist Monastery in Kharkhorin

Shankh Khiid Monastery

This secluded, atmospheric monastery was founded by the great Zanabazar in 1648 and is said to have once housed Chinggis Khaan’s black military banner. At one time the monastery was home to more than 1500 monks. Sha…
Ruins in Kharkhorin

Ancient Karakorum

Stretching out for about 1km east of town is the site of ancient Karakorum. The foundations of Karakorum’s buildings are all underground and little has been excavated, so you need lots of imagination when contemplat…
International in Kharkhorin

Ikh Khorum Hotel

Whether you're in the mood for traditional Mongolian dishes or a cheeseburger, this upmarket hotel-restaurant is your best bet for a nice meal on the town. Portions are huge, and the professional uniformed staff and…
Monument in Kharkhorin

King's Monument

This hilltop monument is the place to head for sunset, with magnificent 360-degree views overlooking Kharkhorin and its encompassing valley. The imposing monument comprises three colourful mosaic panels that each re…
Mongolian in Kharkhorin

Morin Jim Cafe

Simple, but excellent-value menu containing mostly Mongolian dishes, but also salads, fried chicken and vegetarian stew. There's roadside terrace seating out front, and it serves French wine and fresh coffee as well…
Pub Food in Kharkhorin

King Restaurant

A casual pub-style hang-out with booth seating, foosball table and live music to go with a menu of pizzas, Mongolian dishes and cheap beer.