Checking flights...

Getting There & Away

Two daily buses go to Ulaanbaatar at 10am and 2pm (T17,300, six to seven hours). You can buy tickets from the ticket office at the bus stand two days in advance, and it's wise to do so if possible, though UB-bound minivans wait to sweep up ticket-less passengers, so you won't get stranded.

It's sometimes possible to snag a seat on an Ulaanbaatar to Tsetserleg bus if you wait on the main road at around 1pm to 2pm and flag it down as it passes. Otherwise, try to find a shared minivan heading west. You may have to charter your own vehicle, though (about T80,000 plus petrol).

Across from the bus station is the jeep stand from where minivans and jeeps run daily to Ulaanbaatar (T17,300, seven hours). The road is tarmac the whole way. There are far fewer vehicles going to Khujirt (T7000) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Arvaikheer (T12,000) – maybe once a day if at all.

Coming here, buses from Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin leave from the Dragon Bus Terminal at 11am and 2pm.