LGBT Travellers

While homosexuality remains a fairly taboo topic in Mongolia, attitudes towards the LGBT community are changing, especially in Ulaanbaatar. Homosexuality was decriminalised in 2002, and in 2013 the LGBT community hosted its first Pride Week, with a film festival, workshops and a parade (all in a private venue). Harassment by police is becoming less of a problem, and the gay community has become better organised; an LGBT centre opened in 2007.

D Otgoo, the head of the LGBT centre in Ulaanbaatar, explained to us that Mongolia's youthful, tolerant and adaptable society has led to a better understanding and acceptance of the LGBT community.

Meeting places come and go quickly, so you’ll need to tap into the scene and ask. At the time of writing the best gathering spots were D.d/h.z and 18cm, both in Ulaanbaatar. As you never know what sort of reaction you’ll get from a Mongolian in person, try making contacts through the web. Check out the LGBT centre (Mongolia) Facebook page for more details.