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Escape to the ancient capital (Kharkhorin) 3days 2 nights tour

Escape to the Ancient Capital tour 3 days 2nights tour will allow you to see the most significant and beautiful landmarks, temples and attractions of Central Mongolia. See the successfully reintroduced Przewalski horses, stay overnight at mini desert in a traditional ger camp, visit the ancient capital Kharkhorin’s ruins, visit museums and have lunch by the lake. This tour is perfect for people who want to visit many places in short time with the light to moderate physical activity.
3 days
Kid Friendly

Best of Central Mongolia 3 day tour

With this tour, you will experience the best of central Mongolia in just 3 days including all the must-see places: Erdene Zuu Monastery, Kharkhorin an ancient capital city of Mongol Empire, UNESCO World Heritage Site-Orkhan Valley, semi-Gobi and Khustai National Park, where world's last wild horses are. Plus, you will have the opportunity to experience an authentic nomadic lifestyle and ride a horse and camel in the steppes and sand dunes of Mongolia. A great way to escape busy city life and enjoy the beauty of central Mongolia has to offer. Watch a beautiful sunset over the Ugii lake in central Mongolia.
3 days
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Overnight Kharkhorin Central Mongolia Tour

Ancient Capital Kharkhorin is the Mongolian capital at the time of Chinggis Khaan’s Great Mongolian Empire in the 13th century.  Mongolians call this place “Kharkhorin but it is also known as Karakorum. Visit the magnificent Erdenezuu Buddhist monastery decorated with 108 white stupas and Kharkhorin City Museum to learn about the former capital’s history and see archeological findings. Marco Polo arrived in Kharkhorin right at that time and he met with Chinggis Khan’s grandson Kublai Khan.
2 days
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Central Mongolia Tour 3 Days

Get picked up from designated location, visit super market and depart Ulaanbaatar. After 2 hours on the road visit Khustai National park to see the Takhi or the wild horses, here you can spot Red Deers especially during months of Oct-Apr. After lunch at the park depart to Elsen Tasarkhai for family visit and stay overnight. Elsen tasarkhai is a small gobi for those who can not visit the real gobi. On day 2 camel ride is scheduled after breakfast and depart to city of Kharkhorin, visit the Erdenezuu Monastery, have lunch at Kharkhorin and hike up to the Kings Tower overlooking city of Kharkhorin. Arrive back at Elsen tasarkhai and stay overnight with the family. On day 3 relax after breakfast and depart to UB and arrive in around 5pm
3 days