Top things to do in Khalkhiin Gol

Top Choice Monument in Khalkhiin Gol

Yalaltiin Khoshuu

As Soviet propaganda goes, this victory monument, located just outside Khalkhgol, is a masterpiece of the genre. The sculpture features a stylised Mongolian maiden on one side and grim-faced Soviet and Mongolian sol…
Religious Site in Khalkhiin Gol

Ikh Burkhant

At Ikh Burkhant, a huge image of the bodhisattva Janraisig (‘Avalokitesvara’ in Sanskrit) is carved into the hillside, her legs splayed and her face serenely facing the blue sky. The carving was commissioned in 1864…
Wildlife Reserve in Khalkhiin Gol

Nömrög Strictly Protected Area

About 70km from Khalkhgol , Mongolia’s easternmost tip contains the remote Nömrög Strictly Protected Area (3112 sq km). Its river valleys, mountains and pine and birch forests – home to endangered bird species such …
Museum in Khalkhiin Gol

Victory Museum

The exterior of this museum, dedicated to the Battle of Khalkhiin Gol, reeks of age, pigeon poop and neglect, but the interior remains well tended and interesting. A caretaker will show you a diorama of the area, ba…
Monument in Khalkhiin Gol

Yakovlev Сhuudiin Tank Khoshuu

Features an actual a Soviet tank on a pedestal, along with a sleek concrete slab. It's located 23km northwest of the town.
Memorial in Khalkhiin Gol

Unknown Heroes' Grave

Near the riverbank there's a modest memorial marking the unknown heroes' grave, where 80 nameless Mongolian men are seeing out eternity.