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Mongolian in Altai


The goulash- and mutton-based fare comes in full or half portions. The restaurant includes an attached billiards hall and karaoke bar.
Museum in Altai

Aimag Museum

The Aimag Museum includes some excellent bronze statues, scroll paintings, some genuine Mongol army chainmail, and an interesting shaman costume and drum. Look out for the 200kg statue of Buddha, which was hidden in…
Mongolian in Altai

Most Altai

Patrons can sit on the upstairs terrace and order mains with or without rice. Evening meals come with a side order of karaoke.
Mongolian in Altai


Reasonably well stocked with foodstuffs (and warm clothing). Cheap guanz (canteens) can also be found here.
Mongolian in Altai

Seoul Restaurant & Pub

The smartest restaurant in town has the usual range of Mongolian dishes plus some Korean hot-plate dishes (T15,000–18,000) that are big enough for two to share if bumped up with rice. No English on the menu, but som…
Outdoors in Gov-Altai

Alag Khairkhan Nature Reserve

Alag Khairkhan Nature Reserve (36,400 hectares) Protected Altai habitat with rare plants, snow leopards, argali and ibex
Outdoors in Gov-Altai

Eej Khairkhan Nature Reserve

Eej Khairkhan Nature Reserve (22,475 hectares) About 150km directly south of Altai, the reserve was created to protect the general environment
Outdoors in Gov-Altai

Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area

Divided into 'Gobi A' (Southern Altai Gobi) and 'Gobi B' (Dzungarian Gobi). Gobi A is over 4.4 million hectares in the southern part of the aimag; Gobi B is 881,000 hectares in the southwest of Gov-Altai and neighbo…
Outdoors in Gov-Altai

Khasagt Khairkhan Strictly Protected Area

Khasagt Khairkhan Strictly Protected Area (27,448 hectares) The area protects endangered argali sheep and the Mongol Altai mountain environment.
Outdoors in Gov-Altai

Sharga Nature Reserve

Like the Mankhan Natural Reserve in Khovd aimag, it helps to preserve highly endangered species of antelope.