Top Choice Bakery in Erdenet

Eternal Springs

Vegetarians rejoice! This tiny, cute-as-a-button Swedish-American bakery not only offers a daily selection of vegetable soups (pumpkin, broccoli), but has meatless pizzas, great baked goodies and an extensive loose-…
Russian in Erdenet


A magnet for visiting Russians, Traktir serves up the likes of borscht (beetroot soup), fried liver and grilled meats with mushroom sauce, with welcome helpings of vegetables on the side. The cosy dining room is dec…
Mongolian in Erdenet

Modern Nomads

A branch of this ever-popular chain restaurant is one of the most popular dining fixtures in Erdenet, bringing you large portions of Mongolian dishes, salads and soups selected from a traveller-friendly picture menu…
Cafe in Erdenet

Simple Cafe

This cute little cafe is popular with the young and hip Mongolian set, who come for iced coffee drinks, baked goods and similar fare.
Supermarket in Erdenet

Nomin Supermarket

A good place to buy food and pick up supplies.