Top Choice Bakery in Erdenet

Eternal Springs

Vegetarians rejoice, as this tiny, cute-as-a-button Swedish-American bakery not only does a daily selection of vegetable soups (pumpkin, broccoli), but also meatless pizzas, great baked goodies and an extensive loos…
Cafe in Erdenet

Art Café

This orange-coated cafe and bar on the main road is good for a Mongolian meat-and-potato lunch, accompanied by a Russian soup or salad.
Supermarket in Erdenet

Nomin Supermarket

A good place to buy food or pick up supplies.
Hot Pot in Erdenet

Molor Erdene

Hot-pot aficionados will delight in this excellent restaurant. Order raw veggies, platters of meat and dumplings then drop all the ingredients in boiling pots to stew in front of your eyes. It’s in the hotel of the …
Russian in Erdenet


A magnet for visiting Russians, Traktir serves you the likes of pelmeni (boiled meat dumplings), chicken cutlets and grilled meats with mushroom sauce, with welcome helpings of vegetables on the side. Eat in the cos…
Mongolian in Erdenet

Modern Nomads

A branch of this ever-popular restaurant has finally made its way to Erdenet, bringing you large portions of Mongolian dishes, salads and soups selected from a traveller-friendly picture menu. The adjoining Aurora b…