Car Ferry in Binder


Pontoon bridge over the Onon river. The ferryman assured us either he or a family member would always be on-site to pull vehicles across.
Bus Station in Khalkhiin Gol


Minivans leave from this point, which is also Khalkhgol's de facto town square.
Bus Station in Chinggis

Vans to Dadal

Catch minivans to towns including Dadal, Binder and Batshireet.
Bus Stop in Chinggis

Southern Bridge Toll Station

Wait here to catch buses to Choibalsan and Baruun-Urt.
Bus in Choibalsan

Teeveriin Tovchoo

Choibalsan's main long-haul bus station.
Bus Station in Baruun-Urt

Baruun-Urt bus station

Buses to Ulaanbaatar and Chinggis.
Bus Station in Choibalsan

Choibalsan minivan station

Catch vans to Khalkhgol from here.
Bus Station in Chinggis

Bus station

Chinggis' main bus station.
Minivan in Chinggis

Minivan and 4WD Stand

Minivans to Ulaanbaatar.
Airport in Choibalsan

Choibalsan Airport

Choibalsan's airport.