Top Choice Mongolian in Choibalsan

Ikh Ursgal

We found great grilled chicken, fried mutton ribs and decent French fries at this local favourite. The kitchen pushes out delicious meat dishes sure to satisfy carnivorous Mongolians; there are also some Chinese sti…
Chinese in Choibalsan

Azure Restaurant

Pop into this hang-out for spicy Chinese pork, ginger-inflected stir-fries or just about anything plucked from an enormous menu that specialises in Mongolian favourites and dishes from nearby northern China. The Azu…
Mongolian in Chinggis


The usual Mongolian suspects – dumplings and animal protein – are staples here. The hotel restaurant does a mean plate of fried liver, and serve decent salads that don't feel like an afterthought.
Mongolian in Chinggis

Ezent Guren

This hotel restaurant probably has the most diverse menu in town, supplementing the usual Mongolian slate of grilled and roasted meats and dumplings with big bowls of soup, which are pretty tasty.
Chinese in Chinggis


In the hotel of the same name, this place serves large portions of tasty Chinese dishes; expect such exotica as black fungus and ribs.
Asian in Chinggis

Jonon Lounge

A pan-Asian menu of stir-fries and finger foods features prominently at this smart lounge, incongruously located on the ground floor of the semi-ratty Jonon Hotel. You can grab drinks here too; dancing and karaoke c…
Mongolian in Baruun-Urt


There will be few surprises with the mutton-heavy menu at the Tansag Hotel's on-site restaurant, but they do serve a decent kimchi soup.
Chinese in Baruun-Urt

Gun Bulag Zoog

Gun Bulag Zoog offers a few Chinese dishes, along with beer and karaoke. It's along the street that runs from the northwest corner of the square.
Supermarket in Chinggis


This well-stocked supermarket is a good self-catering option. Across the street from the bus station.
Supermarket in Choibalsan

Khishig Supermarket

This well-stocked grocery store is a good place to load up on supplies before heading off to the trackless steppes of Dornod.