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Getting There & Away

Paved roads connect Ulaanbaatar (UB) to all of the aimag capitals in eastern Mongolia. Other towns and attractions are connected by dirt roads and shallow tracks, which are often boggy after heavy rains. Note that there are few street signs, and those that exist are in Cyrillic. There are limited air connections to Choibalsan from UB.

Buses for Chinggis, Baruun-Urt and Choibalsan depart from Ulaanbaatar’s Bayanzürkh Bus Terminal. Private vehicles wait at UB's Naran Tuul 4WD station. Another route into the region is through northern Khentii – daily minivans from Naran Tuul travel to Dadal via Binder; these services are not well advertised so you may need a local to help you contact the drivers.