Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Ongiin Khiid

Ongiin Khiid

The bend in the river here marks the remains of two ruined monasteries which are today considered one vast complex known as Ongiin Khiid. Bari Lam Khiid was built in 1810 on the north bank, the same side of the rive…
Top Choice Natural Feature in Dundgovi

Tsagaan Suvarga

A 400m-long jigsaw of white-sand cliffs, striped pastel shades of purple, orange and red. That's the scene awaiting you at Tsagaan Suvarga, a sight similar to Bayanzag, but with much more colour and a sliver of the …
Monastery in Baga Gazryn Chuluu Nature Reserve

Tsorjiin Khureenii Khiid

An unusual sight is the half-hidden stone ruins of the 200-year-old monastery, Tsorjiin Khureenii Khiid. Concealed among the rocks, and shaded by a grove of aspen trees, some of the rooms at the back of the now roof…
Natural Feature in Dundgovi

Baga Gazryn Chuluu

Like a miniature Joshua Tree National Park, this granite-rock formation in the middle of the dusty plains sheltered Zanabazar during conflicts between the Khalkh and Oirat Mongols. Later it was home to two 19th-cent…
Nature Reserve in Dundgovi

Ikh Gazryn Chuluu

Travellers descend on this remote Gobi nature reserve to wander the boulder-strewn moonscape scenery, clamber around and over abstract rock formations and crawl through small caves. You'll need wheels to explore the…
Ruins in Baga Gazryn Chuluu Nature Reserve

Süm Khökh Burd

The ruined 10th-century temple Süm Khökh Burd sits on an island in the middle of a seasonal lake, and was built from rocks that can only be found more than 300km away. It was abandoned and left in ruins a few centur…
Park in Mandalgov

Byamba's Tree Nursery

Retired forest engineer and local conservationist Byamba Tseyen helped establish, and now maintains, this small tree-planting nursery on the edge of town, in an attempt to fend off desertification from the Gobi's sh…
Buddhist Monastery in Erdenedalai

Gimpil Darjaalan Khiid

This old monastery survived Stalin’s purges by becoming a warehouse and shop. The monastery was built in the late 18th century to commemorate the first ever visit to Mongolia by a Dalai Lama and was once used by abo…
Museum in Mandalgov

Mandalgov Museum

This enjoyable and informative museum is divided into two main sections: a taxidermy-heavy natural history section and a more interesting ethnography and historical section where you'll peruse a collection of pricel…
Amphitheatre in Ikh Gazryn Chuluu

Norovbanzad Theatre

A surreal amphitheatre tucked into the rocks, 1.5km south of the park ranger's camp. It's named in honour of a famous Mongolian long-song singer and hosts concerts during the local naadam festival.