Top Choice Nature Reserve in Ikh Nartiin Chuluu

Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve

This 670-sq-km nature reserve, only a four-hour drive from Ulaanbaatar, at an elevation of 2200m, is home to hundreds of ibexes (mountain goats), argali (big-horn sheep), gazelles, black vultures, wolves and other w…
Top Choice Buddhist Site in Khamaryn Khiid


In 1853 Danzan Ravjaa told the local people that he would die in three years but that they could forever come to this place and speak to his spirit. Indeed, he died three years later and the site was marked by an ov…
Buddhist Monastery in Dornogovi

Khamaryn Khiid

The main hall at this new-build compound that rises from blonde desert sands is an impressive ger-like structure with a golden tower. It can be reached by the sand-covered path lined with white stupas. The circular …
Museum in Sainshand

Museum of Danzan Ravjaa

The life and achievements of Noyon Khutagt Danzan Ravjaa (1803–56), a well-known Mongolian writer, composer, painter and medic who was born about 100km southwest of Sainshand, are honoured in this small but well-put…
Historic Site in Khamaryn Khiid

Bayanzürkh Uul

This site is the mountain home of the spirit of the third Noyon Khutagt (a predecessor of Danzan Ravjaa). The temple halfway up the mountain is as far as local women are allowed to go (no one seems to mind if foreig…
Museum in Sainshand

Sainshand Natural History Museum

This well-appointed museum houses plenty of stuffed Gobi animals, and a collection of seashells and marine fossils (Dornogovi was once beneath the sea). There is also an impressive skeleton of a Protoceratops and a …
National Park in Dornogovi

Ergeliin Zuu

Ergeliin Zuu (909 sq km), in the south of the province, is a small protected area that has interesting rock formations and palaeontology sites that include 30-million-year-old mammalian fossils.
Natural Feature in Dornogovi

Tsagaan Tsavyn

The Petrified Trees of Süikhent can be found lying buried in the sands of the remote southern sum of Mandakh, 200km southwest of Sainshand. Some of the fossilised trunks are 20m long.
Historic Site in Ikh Nartiin Chuluu

Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Burial Mounds

There are several ancient burial mounds found throughout the park.
Natural Feature in Dornogovi

Senjit Khad

An impressive rock arch rises from the desert about 95km northeast of Sainshand in Altanshiree sum. If you're on the hunt for all of the Gobi's treasures, find it. Otherwise, you can skip it.