Mongolian in Zamyn-Üüd

Khan Buuz

On the train station platform is this branch of the dependable canteen chain, Khan Buuz. No English menu, but some photos to point at. Does buuz (obviously), as well as tsuivan, various soups, khuushuur and warming …
Mongolian in Sainshand

Best Restaurant

Clean, friendly and fully licensed, this local favourite doles out excellent Mongolian dishes; we recommend the bainshte shöl (dumpling soup). Ask for the English menu – they only have one, and it sometimes takes a …
Chinese in Sainshand

Altan Urag

This unsigned restaurant can be found above a grocery store in a building that looks like an Arabian mini-castle. It has the usual range of Mongolian dishes, but the draw here is authentic, if somewhat oily, Chinese…