Monument in Delgerkhaan

Chinggis Khaan obelisk

13km south of Delgerkhaan village stands the Chinggis obelisk, featuring the visage of the khan on one side. It was built in 1990 under the sponsorship of Unesco, to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the writing …
Lake in Delgerkhaan

Avarga Toson Nuur

The lake that flanks Delgerkhaan is fenced off to keep out livestock and campers. Its water and mud is reputed to have medicinal properties, and it's the one place in eastern Mongolia where you'll find locals bathin…
Spring in Delgerkhaan

Avarga Toson Mineral Spring

This is the natural spring from which Ögedei Khaan drank and was cured of a serious stomach ailment. You can fill your water bottles with the delicious, naturally slightly salty and carbonated spring water at a pump…