Top Choice Korean in Darkhan

Bulgogi Family

Bright, friendly, genuine Korean restaurant featuring bulgogi (grilled meat), spicy soups, tasty bibimbap (rice topped with meat, vegetables and an egg, choice of hot or cold) and noodle dishes, all mains are accomp…
American in Darkhan

Texas Pub

Though Texans are about as common in Darkhan as Mongolians who can't ride a horse, the menu at this dark wood, modern bar features enough burgers, fries, steaks and sandwiches to put a smile on the face of any Lone …
Cafe in Darkhan

Sondor Bakery & Cafe

This cute cafe and bakery serves up pizzas and pastas and has recently expanded to serve up even more cakes and provide more seating for hungry customers.
Supermarket in Darkhan

Nomin Supermarket

Southeast of the central park in the new town, this is the best place for self-caterers.