Museum in Darkhan

Museum of Darkhan-Uul

This appealing little museum contains a well-laid-out collection of archaeological finds, traditional clothing, religious artefacts and taxidermied examples of aimag wildlife. You may spot a jade chess set and a win…
Monument in Darkhan

Morin Khuur Statue & Seated Buddha

Two monuments, linked by a (worryingly wobbly) pedestrian bridge, cross a busy road and form two ends of an arch, as it were, spanning the gap between old and new Darkhan. Locals come here to socialise at sunset and…
Buddhist Monastery in Darkhan

Kharaagiin Khiid

This attractive little monastery is a little difficult to find, but worth seeking out. Housed in a pretty log cabin in the old town, it has a host of protector deities and a tree encased in blue khatags (silk scarve…
Landmark in Darkhan

Sports Palace

Darkhan's local palace of all things sport (which mainly means wrestling) serves as a useful landmark.
Buddhist Monastery in Darkhan

Urjin Sandag Choilin Khiid

This small monastery makes for a useful landmark at the northern end of 'new' Darkhan.