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Top Choice Lake in Dariganga

Ganga Nuur

Ganga Nuur is about 13km southeast of Dariganga. From the end of September until mid-October it is home to thousands of migrating swans. Along the shore, in a fenced compound, is delicious and safe spring water. If …
Monument in Dariganga

The King and Queen

This is one of the main balbal sights, on the north edge of town.
Monument in Dariganga

The Son

This is one of the main balbal sights on the north edge of town.
Monument in Dariganga

The Bride

This is a balbal to whom women make offerings if they want to have healthy babies.
Monument in Dariganga

Altan Ovoo

The skyline of the neat little town of Dariganga – one of the few in Mongolia where the streets actually have names and numbers – is dominated by Altan Ovoo, a wide former crater topped by a stupa, which only men ar…
Buddhist Monastery in Dariganga

Ovoon Khiid

In the village you can visit the small Ovoon Khiid, which was built in 1990 (and probably not repainted since) and is served by a handful of monks.
Monument in Dariganga


In the steppe around the town there are dozens of broken balbals (stones carved into roughly human shape) – mostly dating back to the 13th- or 14th-century Mongol period. According to tradition, you should place an …
Sand Dunes in Dariganga

Moltsog Els

The sand dunes in the region are known as Moltsog Els and stretch for 20km, coming to within walking distance of Dariganga village.