Western in Dalanzadgad

Dalanzadgad Hotel Restaurant

The picture menu, with English translations too, lays out all your options – salads, spaghetti, risotto, vegetable curry, Chinese hot pot and a bunch of Korean dishes. There are Mongolian options too. The attached b…
Mongolian in Dalanzadgad

Green Castle Center Restaurant

Overpriced, but clean and comfortable. The food here is tasty, and there's beer and fresh coffee (T5500). Has spaghetti bolognese and chicken dishes as well as Mongolian food. English menu.
Multicuisine in Dalanzadgad

Gobi Sands Hotel Restaurant

With great views of the town and the distant mountains, this 7th-floor restaurant and bar is undeniably attractive. Portions are small for the price, but the food is tasty and well presented. There are plenty of Mon…
Mongolian in Dalanzadgad

Khot Airl Cafe

One of the more popular guanz (canteens) in town, this place has the added attraction of a photo menu.