Top things to do in Choibalsan

Top Choice Museum in Choibalsan

Dornod Aimag Museum & Gallery

Inside the former Government House, the comprehensive collections here stampede through the aimag's history, from Stone Age and Bronze Age finds to the communist years and beyond. Standout exhibits include a paintin…
Top Choice Mongolian in Choibalsan

Ikh Ursgal

We found great grilled chicken, fried mutton ribs and decent French fries at this local favourite. The kitchen pushes out delicious meat dishes sure to satisfy carnivorous Mongolians; there are also some Chinese sti…
Buddhist Monastery in Choibalsan

Danrig Danjaalin Khiid

This monastery, built around 1840, was once one of the most active holy sites in eastern Mongolia. Though it contained three northern temples and four southern temples, less than half of the resident 800 monks could…
Monument in Choibalsan

Mongolian Heroes’ Memorial

Like a socialist realist lightning bolt, this masterpiece of Stalinist monument-chic features a soldier on horseback flying straight towards the enemies of the motherland. Behind the monument, a horseshoe arch decor…
Market in Choibalsan


Choibalsan’s proximity to China means that its market is well stocked. Purchase anything from fresh produce, dried dairy products and a local relish made of spring onion and garlic (great for livening up that mutton…
Chinese in Choibalsan

Azure Restaurant

Pop into this hang-out for spicy Chinese pork, ginger-inflected stir-fries or just about anything plucked from an enormous menu that specialises in Mongolian favourites and dishes from nearby northern China. The Azu…
Museum in Choibalsan

Dornod Natural History Museum

Both our author and the inexpertly stuffed wildlife were wearing bemused expressions in this mildly interesting museum, which features exhibits on local geology and flora along with a menagerie of embalmed animals. …
Club in Choibalsan


Lux feels like a sleazy millionaire's idea of what a club should look like – all polished floors and moulded bar stools and music that's loud. WHAT!? WE SAID, LOUD! Popular with Choibalsan's young, pretty people.
Pub in Choibalsan

Winners Pub

This vaguely footy-and-beer-themed pub sports English Premier League paraphernalia on the walls and comfy red leather sofas. It also serves a variety of Western and Mongolian dishes.
Supermarket in Choibalsan

Khishig Supermarket

This well-stocked grocery store is a good place to load up on supplies before heading off to the trackless steppes of Dornod.