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Hunnu Air flies to/from Ulaanbaatar. The airport is about 10km east of Choibalsan's centre.

Bus, Minivan & 4WD

Buses (T31,600, 13 hours, 655km) depart for the Bayanzürkh Bus Terminal in Ulaanbaatar daily at 8am and 4pm from Teevriin Tovchoo at the eastern end of town. From the same station it’s also possible to get a seat in a minivan to Ulaanbaatar (T40,000) or to Chinggis (T18,000), which doesn’t have a specific departure time but generally leaves when full.

Private minivans and 4WDs run between Ulaanbaatar and Choibalsan daily (T36,000), departing near Ulaanbaatar’s Naran Tuul 4WD station. Minivans from Choibalsan market depart to UB when full. Private vans and 4WDs (also from the market) go to Chinggis (T22,000, 324km) and Baruun-Urt (T27,000, 191km).

If you want to hire a car and driver, locals will charge around T100,000 per day plus petrol.

A minivan to Khalkhiin Gol (T25,000, 10 hours) leaves daily around 1pm from a separate station.


Choibalsan is a large city by Mongolian standards, so hitching a ride on a truck or any other vehicle in or out of the city should not be difficult. Ask around the market, though note that hitching is never entirely safe, and we don’t recommend it. Travellers who hitch should understand that they are taking a small but potentially serious risk.