Khöömii (Throat Singing)

Thanks to some resident khöömii (throat singing) masters, such as Tserendavaa, it is sometimes possible to arrange an impromptu demonstration (around T30,000 per group), and training (around T50,000 per hour). Apparently khöömii isn’t as difficult to learn as you might imagine, although to attain any degree of proficiency you will need at least a week.

If you’re lucky, your visit may coincide with one of the small concerts that are held in the purpose-built Khöömii Ordon, although your best chance of this is during the third week of July when a khöömii competition is held as part of a biennial festival celebrating traditional Mongolian arts; the next festival is due to take place in 2018.

Locals claim Chandmani is a natural centre for khöömii because of the winds that sweep down from the mountain to the reedy marshes of Khar Nuur nearby, creating a throat-singing-like euphony.