Top Choice Cafe in Tsetserleg

Fairfield Cafe & Bakery

A godsend for those who've done the hard yards in the countryside, this Australian-run cafe-restaurant offers a fantastic menu of international cuisine. The cafe bakes its own bread and cakes, to go with full Englis…
Top Choice International in Terelj Area

Ayanchin Four Seasons Lodge

This American-owned, architecturally designed lodge is a worthy stop for a meal. As well as serving the likes of cheeseburgers, steaks and pepperoni pizza, it does excellent Mongolian dishes including inventive take…
Mongolian in Töv

Khaan Jims

A short drive from the Chinggis Khan monument, this tourist resort is notable for growing sea buckthorn (known for its medicinal properties). The berry is featured on the menu in juices, shakes and ice cream, alongs…
Mongolian in Zuunmod

Arvai Pub

It's a tad dark and dingy, but Arvai is the best place for a feed in Zuunmod. There's booth seating, friendly staff and a menu of tasty Mongolian dishes such as tsuivan (noodles), khuushuur (fried mutton pancakes) a…
International in Kharkhorin

Ikh Khorum Hotel

Whether you're in the mood for traditional Mongolian dishes or a cheeseburger, this upmarket hotel-restaurant is your best bet for a nice meal on the town. Portions are huge, and the professional uniformed staff and…
Asian in Arvaikheer

Arvaikheer Palace Hotel Restaurant

Arvaikheer's smartest restaurant is on the ground floor of its best hotel, with a fabulous range of Mongolian and pan-Asian dishes, including soups, salads, kebabs, chicken dishes and plenty of vegetarian options. I…
Korean in Tsetserleg

Tamir Hotel

Hidden behind a dreary facade is this Korean restaurant doing spicy chicken dishes, with the usual bibimbap, bulgogi and grilled-meat options served on lazy-Susan tables. There's a fridge full of cold beer, as well …
International in Terelj Area

Terelj Hotel

The place to come if you want to splurge on a fancy meal, with its posh Morin Khuur restaurant and classy outdoor terrace bistro that overlooks the river; look out for the imposing Lenin statue that once stood in Ul…
Mongolian in Arvaikheer

Altan Holbo

This once humble eatery has undergone a major facelift to be transformed into a rather flash restaurant upstairs. It does mostly Mongolian cuisine, and there's a bar if you're looking to unwind after a long day on t…
Pub Food in Arvaikheer

Nomadic Irish Pub

For those who've endured a long, dusty day in the car, this Western-style pub is a bit of a godsend, with a menu of international and Mongolian mains to go with cold beers on tap.