Telephone in Bulgan City

Telecom Office

In the middle of the main drag, about 150m southeast of the 4WD stand. The post office is also located here.
Tourist Information in Bulgan City

Government Building

Has limited info on tourism in Bulgan; the aimag museum is a better bet.
Internet in Bulgan City

Internet Cafe

In the same building as Telecom. Connections are spotty.
Telephone in Erdenet

Telecom Office

Golomt Bank ATM and post office are also located here.
Internet in Erdenet

Internet Cafe

Internet access at the Telecom office.
Bank in Bulgan City


Exchanges US dollars and has an ATM.
Bank in Erdenet

Golomt Bank

Changes US dollars and euros.
Police in Bulgan City

Police Station

Located near the main park.
Post in Bulgan City

Post Office

Bulgan's main post office.