Museum in Bulgan City

Bulgan Aimag Museum

This museum on the main street has some information on obscure sights in the aimag; a display on J Gurragchaa, Mongolia’s first man in space; war photos, and a few musical instruments, including the ol' human-femur-…
Museum in Erdenet

Museum of Orkhon Aimag

Hidden in a concrete complex on the right side of the Marx mural, this small museum showcases a mix of subjects – from Khalkha, Kazakh and Buriad national costume, traditional musical instruments and snuff bottles m…
Museum in Bulgan City

Museum of the West Road Military Unit

The West Road Military Unit was a key force in freeing Mongolia from White Russian rule in 1921. Its history is described in this small museum, 2.5km south of Bulgan. Choibalsan and Khatanbaatar Magsarjav both staye…
Public Art in Erdenet

Marx Mural

Buddhist Site in Erdenet

Buddha statue

Mine in Erdenet

Copper Mine

The open-cut mine, easily seen to the southeast of the city centre, was one of the biggest infrastructure projects developed in Mongolia during the communist era. Copper and molybdenum concentrate are still central …
Buddhist Monastery in Bulgan City

Dashchoinkhorlon Khiid

Like most monasteries in Mongolia, this one (built in 1992) replaced the original monastery, Bangiin Khuree, which was destroyed in 1937. About 1000 monks lived and worshipped at Bangiin Khuree before they were arre…
Mausoleum in Bulgan City

Khatanbaatar Magsarjav Mausoleum

Located 1km southwest of the Bulgan Hotel, across the stream and at the top of a hill, this curious silver building resembling a concrete ger is actually a mausoleum in the shape of a hat. It allegedly contains the …
Monument in Erdenet

Friendship Monument

This communist monument, about 200m northeast of the Selenge Hotel, is worth a quick look. On the way from the town centre you pass a fine Marx mural and the ever-recognisable Lenin's profile bolted to the wall. Hea…
Mountain in Erdenet

Bayan Öndör

Rising above Erdenet, to the northwest of the city centre, the summit of Bayan Öndör mountain offers a splendid view of the surrounding area, including the copper mine. The road to the top is rough and muddy, but yo…