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Top Choice Mongolian in Bayankhongor City

Uran Khairkhan

Enter through the ramshackle side entrance into jovial Uran Khairkhan, an atmospheric brick house with cosy booth dining. There's no English menu, but you'll find your usual favourites: tsuivan, goulash, bif-shtek (…
Buddhist Monastery in Bayankhongor City

Lamyn Gegeenii Gon Gandan Dedlin Khiid

The original monastery by this name, one of Mongolia's largest at the time, was located 20km east of Bayankhongor City. It was levelled by the communist government in 1937. The current version is a hub of activity w…
Mongolian in Bayankhongor City


Bayankhongor's most pleasant restaurant is clean and family-friendly, but doesn't have an English menu. They have two or three chicken dishes (takhia ny makh) and the usual mutton offerings. Their chinjutei makhan k…
Market in Bayankhongor City

Baruun Bus

This cavernous market, fragmented into stalls, offers the best produce selection in town, which makes it a good place to stock up on self-catering supplies. It's located just south of the Black Market.
Market in Bayankhongor City

Black Market

The larger of Bayankhongor City's markets, the Black Market is a good place to go looking for guanz (canteens) selling buuz (mutton dumplings) and khuushuur (mutton pancakes). It's located behind the city's bus stat…
Museum in Bayankhongor City

Museum of History and Ethnography

Formerly the Aimag Museum and set inside the sports stadium, the collection here is well laid-out and worth a quick look. There is a good display on Buddhist art, featuring two statues of Tara, some fine old scroll …
Supermarket in Bayankhongor City

Jinchin Supermarket

Bayankhongor's best supermarket offers a minor selection of hearty produce (beetroots, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage and apples) along with eggs, some perplexing processed meats that may have you con…
Market in Bayankhongor City

Central Market

The smaller of Bayankhongor City's markets, the Central Market is behind Soyombo restaurant. Nearby you'll find a number of guanz (canteens) selling buuz (mutton dumplings) and khuushuur (mutton pancakes).
Mongolian in Bayankhongor City


Choose among an extensive selection of Mongolian dishes served in a modern and gleaming dining room. There's no English in the menu, but there are pictures. The hotel of the same name isn't associated with the resta…
Buddhist Stupa in Bayankhongor City

Bayankhongor Stupa

The skyline of the city is dominated by this stupa (and the telecom tower beside it) on a hill to the west of the city's main square. Take a walk up here (20 minutes) for views of the town and surrounding countrysid…