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Top Choice Museum in Baruun-Urt

Ethnography Museum

Baruun-Urt’s museum has a fine collection of costumes representing the three ethnic groups that inhabit the region: the Khalkh (the majority), the Dariganga (around 30,000 live in the south of Sükhbaatar aimag) and …
Bar in Baruun-Urt

Smile Pub

The youngsters patronise this place, off the street that runs west from the northwest corner of the square, which has a small disco upstairs from a restaurant.
Bar in Baruun-Urt

Shilmel Zoog

The Shilmel Zoog bar, with its white leather booths, attracts a slightly older drinking crowd.
Buddhist Monastery in Baruun-Urt

Erdenemandal Khiid

This monastery was originally built in 1830, about 20km from the present site. At the height of its splendour, there were seven temples and 1000 monks in residence, but the Stalinist purges of 1938 put a rather abru…
Pub in Baruun-Urt

Gun Bulag Zoog

Along the street that runs from the northwestern corner of the square, Gun Bulag Zoog offers a few Chinese dishes to go with your beer and karaoke.