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Top Choice Asian in Arvaikheer

Arvaikheer Palace Hotel Restaurant

The town's smartest restaurant is on the ground floor of Arvaikheer's top hotel and has a fabulous range of Mongolian and pan-Asian dishes, including soups, salads, kebabs, chicken dishes and plenty of vegetarian op…
Museum in Arvaikheer

Aimag Museum

Since Övörkhangai lies partly in the forested Khangai region and the Gobi Desert, the Aimag Museum boasts a better-than-average selection of stuffed mountain and desert animals. There are also some fossils and arrow…
Mongolian in Arvaikheer


A warm, friendly canteen that opens earlier than most for breakfast. It serves buuz (T500 per dumpling), goulash (T3000), various soups (from T2000) and warming mugs of suutei tsai (salty milk tea; T200). No English…
Mongolian in Arvaikheer

Altan Holbo

A simple but bright and clean restaurant serving hearty Mongolian meals, with a wood-panelled pub out the back. Beer from T2000.
Buddhist Monastery in Arvaikheer

Gandan Muntsaglan Khiid

This comparatively large monastery contains a fine collection of thangka (scroll paintings), including one depicting the original monastery, which was destroyed in 1937. The current monastery was opened in 1991, and…
Museum in Arvaikheer

Zanabazar Memorial Museum

Has a small collection of religious artwork connected to the master sculptor. Ask at the Aimag Museum for the key.