Top Choice Lake in Tariat

Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur

The freshwater Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur is not as forested or as large as Khövsgöl Nuur, but it is closer to Ulaanbaatar, relatively undeveloped and just about perfect for camping (though there are a few flies in summe…
Top Choice Museum in Tsetserleg

Museum of Arkhangai Aimag

This is one of the best aimag museums in the country, not least because it is housed in the charming courtyard-temple complex of Zayain Gegeenii Süm, which was first built in 1586 but expanded in 1679, when it house…
Volcano in Tariat

Khorgo Uul

This 200m-tall extinct volcano, and its surrounding lava field, dominates the area to the east of the lake. You walk around it on your way to the lake from Tariat, but you can also climb up to the rim of the crater …
Hot Springs in Arkhangai

Tsenkher Hot Springs

Bridge in Ikh Tamir & Taikhar Rock

Chuluut Gur

Lake in Ögii Nuur

Ögii Nuur

Monument in Arkhangai

Kul-Teginii Monument

When Chinggis Khaan decided to move his capital to Karakorum, he was well aware that the region had already been the capital of successive nomad empires. About 20km northeast of Khar Balgas lies the remainder of yet…
Monastery in Tsetserleg

Buyandelgerüülekh Khiid

Tsetserleg’s small monastery (next to the museum) has a handful of monks who hold services at 11am in summer and 10am in winter. The main statue here is Sakyamuni; you’ll also see a picture of the last Zayan Gegeen …
Temple in Tsetserleg

Galdan Zuu Temple

Up the hill from the aimag museum, this temple has been renovated with donations from locals. It stands behind an impressive 7m statue of the Buddha. Behind the temple is a large, near-vertical, rocky hill called Bu…