Top things to do

Museum in Altai

Aimag Museum

The Aimag Museum includes some excellent bronze statues, scroll paintings, some genuine Mongol army chainmail, and an interesting shaman costume and drum. Look out for the 200kg statue of Buddha, which was hidden in…
Mongolian in Altai

Seoul Restaurant & Pub

The smartest restaurant in town has the usual range of Mongolian dishes plus some Korean hot-plate dishes (T15,000–18,000) that are big enough for two to share if bumped up with rice. No English on the menu, but som…
Historic Site in Altai

Khun Chuluu

About 8km west of the main road as you head south from Altai to Biger (and about 10km southwest of Altai itself), this khun chuluu, stone figures or balbal, is said to date back to the 13th century (possibly earlier…
Mongolian in Altai


The goulash- and mutton-based fare comes in full or half portions. The restaurant includes an attached billiards hall and karaoke bar.
Mongolian in Altai


Reasonably well stocked with foodstuffs (and warm clothing). Cheap guanz (canteens) can also be found here.
Park in Altai

Shuteen Park

Climb the small hill for views of the town. There's a temple at the top (not to be confused with the drab monastery at its base).