2 Days Bike tour around Tereji and Khenti Province

Multi-day & Extended Tours in Mongolia

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The first stage of the ride covers 34 km from Terelj village to the tent camp site next to the Dund Bayan river in the area of the Princess Temple Gunjiin Sum. The cycling route follows the Tuul river in the Eastern direction for about 15 km with an easy to ride flat terrain. At the place named Sain Ovoo the route takes a left turn to the North. The ride is characterised by solid “ups” and “downs”, Following this visit of the Princess Temple needless to stress that the cold beer, the diner and the rest at the tent camp site will be well deserved! The second mountain biking day begins with a nice breakfast in order to build up the necessary energy for the cycling day. The route follows the Dund Bayan river to the North where we will have a first snack stop on the top of the hill in the area of Zuugiin Rashaan. From there the Mountain biking path engages Southward in an amazing downhill of about 20 km through grassland till the Tuul river. 
LOGISTICS Support Vehicles: The cycling tour is fully supported. This means that at all times a Russian made van follows the cyclists during the ride. The driver of the “back up” vehicle has via “walkie talkie” radio communication with the guide/mechanic that is cycling together with the mountain bikers. At all times the vehicle can be called in to resolve mechanical problems or simply when it is the time for a snack stop that is planned during the tour at intervals of about 10 km or for whatever other reason at the request of cyclers. Next to this “back up” vehicle there is a logistics vehicle for the transport of all camping and kitchen equipment as well as food. The logistics vehicle usually travels directly to the camping site in order to get everything ready by the arrival of the cyclists. Guide and mechanics support: The guides are trained mechanics. Besides their prime role of guiding the tours they are also in charge of general support. The number of guides depends on the size of the cycling group. However, usually we have one guide in the front and one guide at the very end of the cycling group with a third guide in the middle of the cyclers moving up and down the peloton. All guides and cars are all interconnected via radio. DINING Catering and drinks are an important item of the weekend tour. About every 10 km a snack stop is organised to redistribute water to the cyclers and to propose fruit and sugar snacks to boost the energy level. The average intake of water per day per cycler is between 1,5 litres up to 3 litres. Fruit consists of fresh oranges, apples and dried raisins. Sugar snacks are twix and mars mini bars. The dinner and breakfast are very important meals with plenty of quality food to replenish the energy level. The lunches proposed in the midst of cycling efforts are usually somewhat lighter and adapted to the physical effort.CAMPING EQUIPMENT Our tents are European made inflatable tents of the top brand “Karsten”. It has a ground surface of 11m² and accommodates 4 comfortable folding beds. The camp is further equipped with a large dining tent with a kitchen section as well as a separated dining space. In order to offer the maximum comfort for the guests the dining section has standard tables and foldable seats. An 80 litres capacity refrigerator working on 12 volt electricity secures the freshness of the food products and some drinks. Shower facilities: The selected campsites are always next to water sources, river or small streams or lakes, to secure the sufficient volume of water for our shower facility. Our ecotemp shower equipment works on butane gas and provides water via a 12 volt water pump. Generator and batteries: For the purpose of recharging the GPS devices.

What’s included

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Transport from city tand back
  • All camping equipment including hot shower facilities
  • All meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner All snack stops with snacks, fruit, water and fruit juice
  • Support vehicles Guides and cook
  • Trek bike as you can see from the pictures
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Bottled water
  • Coffee and/or Tea

What’s not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Cycling clothes and equipment
  • Tips