Top Tips

Seek out the part of Monaco that interests you and don't worry about the rest. Even if you're not a gambler, you may still wax rapturous over the salacious history and architectural audacity of the Monte Carlo casino. If Monaco's prevailing high-rise aesthetic leaves you cold, give yourself time to be surprised by the verdant tranquility and clifftop views in Jardin St-Martin. And of course, if Grand Prix racing or high-stakes gambling is what you're here for, let 'er rip!

What to Take

  • Electrical adapter for Monaco's two-pin plugs
  • Sunscreen, sun hat and sunglasses
  • Walking shoes for wandering Monaco's streets and gardens
  • Light scarf or sarong to cover bare shoulders in churches
  • Formal attire suitable for evening gambling in Casino de Monte Carlo

What to Wear

Short sleeves and comfortable walking shoes are essential daytime attire throughout much of the spring, summer and early autumn, when weather is generally warm and sunny. A sweater, jacket, windbreaker and/or raincoat also comes in handy for chillier evenings and occasional bouts of inclement weather. By law it’s forbidden to walk around town bare-chested, barefoot or bikini-clad, and shoulders should always be covered when visiting churches. At the casino, casual wear such as jeans and trainers (sneakers) is only tolerated during the pre-noon visiting hours; once the gambling starts after 2pm, you'll need to dress smart, with jacket and tie strongly recommended for men. The same classy dress code applies to many restaurants, bars and entertainment venues during the evening.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Check passport validity
  • Arrange travel insurance
  • Check airline baggage restrictions
  • Book accommodation, especially for spring or summer travel
  • Reserve tickets for the Formula One Grand Prix or other events