Top Choice Ukrainian in Tiraspol


This smart, super-friendly, traditional Ukrainian place is set in a kitsch faux-countryside home, where diners are attended to by a fleet of peasant-dressed waitresses. The menu is hearty Ukrainian fare; think varen…
International in Tiraspol

Cafe Larionov

Named for Tiraspol's own avant-garde modernist painter Mikhail Larionov (1881–1964), this cafe has a menu featuring local cuisines drawing from the cultural influences (Russian, Jewish, Moldovan) common in Larionov'…
Cafe in Tiraspol


A huge summer terrace, Transdniestr-brewed Nashe Pivo on tap, and a big screen in the middle of town make this a top spot for sports viewing. The menu features classic Russian salads and mains, plus grilled meats.
Cafe in Tiraspol

7 Pyatnits

A popular cafe in the centre of town serving all manner of meat, salads, soups, and sushi. It has a bustling brasserie feel and if you sit here long enough, you'll see most of Tiraspol drop by. Menus are in Russian,…