LGBT Travellers

The situation for LGBT+ travellers is not promising in Moldova. Although homosexual activity is legal and the age of consent is the same as for heterosexual couples (16 years), homosexuality is still highly controversial and opposed by the Orthodox Church (and many conservative politicians).

According to a 2018 report published by the rights group Article 19, discrimination against members of the LGBT+ community remains institutionalised in the Moldovan legal system, hate crimes are rampant and go unpunished, and only 18% of Moldovans are open to accepting LGBT+ people as citizens. In 2018 ILGA-Europe ranked Moldova 43 out of 49 European and former Soviet countries in protecting LGBT+ rights. President Igor Dodon is an avowed homophobe who has actively campaigned against LGBT+ equality.

A small annual Gay Pride march takes place in May in Chişinău despite marchers consistently facing harassment from conservative protesters – police used tear gas to repel protesters in 2018. The best advice for gay couples is to be discreet. The leading local organisation for promoting gay rights is Genderdoc-M (