Stunning Vistas

Orheiul Vechi Scour the Moldovan countryside from an 800-year-old cave monastery perched high up on a cliff.

Soroca Climb the 600-plus steps of the Candle of Gratitude and gape at the mighty Dniestr and Ukraine beyond.

Tipova Those 11th-century monks could not have picked a more jaw-dropping perch for their cave monastery.

Noul Neamţ Monastery The 70m bell tower offers a sweeping panorama of Transdniestr.

Cultural Connections

Parcul Catedralei & Grădina Publică Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt No better place to take Moldova’s cultural pulse.

Bendery Fortress Overlooking the Dniestr, it has played eyewitness to centuries of conflict in the region.

National Museum of Ethnography & Natural History Well-rounded museum has impressive ethnographic displays.

Tiraspol National History Museum Eclectic collection sheds light on the tumultuous history of the breakaway republic.


Castel Mimi Impeccably restored manor now home to one of the country's most prestigious wineries.

Cricova Ride a train through endless caves stocked with legendary bottles.

Château Purcari An exquisite escape in a remote corner of the country.

Château Vartely Woos sophisticated oenophiles with exciting wines and upscale digs.

Mileştii Mici The largest of all Moldovan wineries has 200km of tunnels.


Tiraspol If it’s Soviet it’s here, from stern Lenin busts to the notorious Aist Hotel.

Army Museum Gripping display tells the story of Soviet repression in Moldova and elsewhere.

Gagauzia A time-warp kind of place that still looks to Russia.

Government House Just one of many Soviet behemoths left standing in the centre of Chişinău.