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Top Choice Park in Chişinău

Parcul Catedralei & Grădina Publică Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt

These two parks smack dab in the middle of Chişinău are popular with families and canoodling teenagers on benches, and make for great for strolling.
Top Choice Caucasian in Chişinău


It's well worth the short taxi ride north of the centre to Chişinău's only Gagauzian restaurant. Gagauzian food has Turkic, Romanian and Russian influences, and the offerings here include carne de miel po Gheorhievs…
Top Choice Cafe in Chişinău

Coffee Molka

The charismatic owner's love of coffee is on display everywhere at Coffee Molka, from Turkish coffee faithfully prepared according to an ancient style, to shelves of antique coffee grinders that make up part of the …
Top Choice International in Chişinău

Grill House

It may not look like much from the street, but inside this sleek place you'll find the best steaks in town served up by attentive staff from the glassed-in, fire-oven kitchen. Creative pasta dishes complement the ar…
Moldovan in Chişinău

Vatra Neamului

This superb place boasts charming old-world decor, unfailingly genial staff and – by night – a duet strumming traditional Moldovan instruments. A long menu of imaginatively dressed-up meats – think stewed pork with …
Wine in Chişinău

Wine Festival

The nectar that makes Moldova tick is celebrated the first weekend in October, with a long block of B-dul Ştefan cel Mare taken over by stalls selling wine, food and crafts as folk bands fill the air with traditiona…
Museum in Chişinău

Army Museum

Occupying one end of the Centre of Culture and Military History, this once-musty museum now hosts a moving exhibit on Soviet-era repression. Stories of Red Terror, forced famines, mass deportations and gulag slave l…
Cathedral in Chişinău

Nativity of Christ Metropolitan Cathedral

The main highlight of the Parcul Catedralei is the city's main Moldovan Orthodox church, dating from the 1830s, with rich interior frescoes. The bell tower was originally built in 1836, but was destroyed after WWII …
Museum in Chişinău

National Museum of Ethnography & Natural History

The highlight of this massive and wonderful exhibition is a life-sized reconstruction of the skeleton of a dinothere – an 8-tonne elephant-like mammal that lived during the Pliocene epoch – 5.3 million to 1.8 millio…
Central Asian in Chişinău


If you've never experienced the charms of Uzbek and other Central Asian cuisines, definitely beeline it here for a primer. The menu runs the gamut from Uzbek plov (pilaf) and lamb manty (dumplings), to Turkic dolma …