Opera in Chişinău

Opera & Ballet Theatre

Home to the esteemed national opera and ballet company, which puts on productions from September to June.
Classical Music in Chişinău

Organ Hall

Classical concerts and organ recitals are held in the neoclassical Organ Hall, one of Chişinău's fin de siècle architectural gems.
Theatre in Chişinău

Mihai Eminescu National Theatre

Contemporary Romanian productions can be seen at this attractive neoclassical theatre, founded in 1933.
Theatre in Chişinău

National Palace

Various cabarets, musicals and local theatre-group productions are performed here.
Classical Music in Chişinău

Philharmonic Concert Hall

Moldova's National Philharmonic is based here.
Spectator Sport in Chişinău

Zimbru Stadium

The home stadium of FC Zimbru Chișinău, one of the country's leading football (soccer) teams.
Stadium in Chişinău

Dinamo Stadium

Moldovans are big football fans and Chişinau has three stadiums to prove it. Dinamo Stadium is north of the centre on Str Bucureşti. Moldovans like football so much, in fact, there's an American football team called…
Theatre in Chişinău

Chekhov Drama Theatre

This is where Chişinău's choral synagogue was located until WWII. Plays in Russian are now performed here.