Top Choice Monastery in Around Chişinău

Orheiul Vechi

The archaeological and ecclesiastical complex at Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei), about 50km north of Chişinău, is the country’s most important historical site and a place of stark natural beauty.Occupying a remote, rocky…
Top Choice Park in Chişinău

Parcul Catedralei & Grădina Publică Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt

These two parks smack dab in the middle of Chişinău are popular with families and canoodling teenagers on benches, and make for great for strolling.
Monastery in Around Chişinău

Tipova Cave Monastery

The fantastic Tipova Cave Monastery is built into cliffs that tower some 200m above the Dniestr River's right (west) bank, in the tiny village of Tipova some 95km northeast of Chişinău. The monastery consists of thr…
Fortress in Bendery

Bendery Fortress

This impressive Ottoman fortress, outside the centre near the Bendery–Tiraspol bridge, was built in the 16th century and saw keen fighting between Turkish and Russian forces before falling to Tsarist Russia permanen…
Fortress in Soroca

Soroca Fortress

This gloriously solid behemoth on the Dniestr dates from 1499 when Moldavian Prince Ştefan cel Mare built a wooden fortress here. It was rebuilt in stone less than 50 years later and given its circular shape, with f…
Monastery in Around Chişinău

Cave Monastery

The most impressive sight at the Orheiul Vechi is the Cave Monastery, built inside a cliff overlooking the gently meandering river. It’s marked by a small bell tower and a cross standing on the rocks. It was dug by …
Museum in Chişinău

Army Museum

Occupying one end of the Centre of Culture and Military History, this once-musty museum now hosts a moving exhibit on Soviet-era repression. Stories of Red Terror, forced famines, mass deportations and gulag slave l…
Cathedral in Chişinău

Nativity of Christ Metropolitan Cathedral

The main highlight of the Parcul Catedralei is the city's main Moldovan Orthodox church, dating from the 1830s, with rich interior frescoes. The bell tower was originally built in 1836, but was destroyed after WWII …
Monastery in Tiraspol

Noul Neamţ Monastery

A stunning 70m bell tower marks this serene monastery (1861) 7km south of Tiraspol. You can climb the bell tower for a birds'-eye view of the monastery's four churches and a sweeping panorama of the countryside. You…
Museum in Chişinău

National Museum of Ethnography & Natural History

The highlight of this massive and wonderful exhibition is a life-sized reconstruction of the skeleton of a dinothere – an 8-tonne elephant-like mammal that lived during the Pliocene epoch – 5.3 million to 1.8 millio…