The impressive wine cellars at Mileştii Mici, 20km south of Chişinău near the town of Ialoveni, stretch for some 200km, holding about 1.5 million bottles – which makes this the world's largest wine collection, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

You must email or call ahead to book a tour, and you'll need to arrive in a private car to navigate the vast underground cave network.

The cheapest tour includes three wines; pay a bit more and you'll get a full lunch in their impressive tasting room, accessible by a 3-tonne secret stone door. All tasting is done underground in the cellars.

The tours last one to two hours including the tastings and lunch. The simplest option is to book them through a travel agency, which will supply a car and driver for the boozy tour. If you're self-driving, bring a small car to better navigate the caves. The winery supplies an English-speaking guide to travel along with you in your car.