Castel Mimi

Wine in Moldova

This legendary winery occupies a beautiful stone manor, built in 1893, that has been reinvigorated after decades of Soviet neglect. It owes its existence to Bessarabian statesman Constantin Mimi, whose true love was wine. Today it's a picture of modern luxury, with an interactive tasting table, an exquisite restaurant and grove of domiki (small houses) and palatial rooms for rent.

The oldest bottle of wine in Moldova is allegedly here – a 1727 German dessert wine from Constantin's personal collection.

The basic tour includes three wines, increasing to six wines plus a full degustation menu. The hotel has a pool that walk-in guests can use (300 lei). Pool and/or restaurant patrons are not obligated to take a tour. Call ahead for a tour in English.

Castel Mimi is about 40km southeast of Chişinău.