Top things to do in Zona de Montaña

Top Choice Mexican in Tapalpa

Los Girasoles

Tapalpa's classiest restaurant is just off the main plaza and offers quality dishes such as cheese- and plantain-stuffed chilies in a cilantro sauce, tamales de acelga (chard-filled tamales) and a spicy chicken dish…
Natural Feature in Tapalpa

Las Piedrotas

Las Piedrotas are a large and impressive group of rock formations set in cow pastures in what's called the Valle de las Enigmas about 6km north of town. Most people drive here, but it's an easy and rewarding 2½- to …
School in Tapalpa

Centro de Integración Tapalpa

Don’t miss this school for special-needs kids dedicated to teaching self-confidence along with computer and art skills. Wonderful recycled art is made by the children from papel malhecho, a kind of papier-mâché. You…
State Park in Mazamitla

Los Cazos

About 2km south of town is the leafy park of Los Cazos, with the 30m waterfall Casacada El Salto another 2km walk from the park entrance. You can picnic or hire a horse (M$300) and live out your John Wayne fantasies…
Food & Drinks in Mazamitla

Casa Chávez

Mazamitla sports an interesting take on the Swiss alpine theme and you’ll see small storefronts including this one selling fruit preserves, cheeses, rompope (a local eggnog-like alcoholic drink) and cajeta (goat’s m…
Mexican in Mazamitla

Posada Alpina

Right on the main plaza, Posada Alpina is a smart hotel-restaurant that serves the best molcajete stew (choose beef, chicken or prawn) and chilaquiles (fried corn tortillas strips simmered in salsa) in town. It also…
Mexican in Tapalpa


This fonda-like eatery above the northern side of the Plaza Principal serves basic Mexican dishes in substantial portions but the main reason for climbing the steps to the rooftop balcony is to watch the world go by…
Seafood in Mazamitla

La Troje de Mazamitla

This very popular hotel-restaurant on the road out of town and not far from the bus station serves lots of seafood dishes (but not exclusively so) and its terrace fills up quickly with families and bikers in warm we…
Cafe in Tapalpa

La Villa

This cafe-bar under the portal of the southeast corner of the main square is a delightful place to relax and sip something cool.
Waterfall in Tapalpa

El Salto del Nogal

El Salto del Nogal is a jaw-dropping, 105m-high waterfall about 18km south of town. A taxi costs around M$200 one way.