Zona de Montaña attractions

Natural Feature in Tapalpa

Las Piedrotas

Las Piedrotas are a large and impressive group of rock formations set in cow pastures in what's called the Valle de las Enigmas about 6km north of town. Most people drive here, but it's an easy and rewarding 2½- to …
School in Tapalpa

Centro de Integración Tapalpa

Don’t miss this school for special-needs kids dedicated to teaching self-confidence along with computer and art skills. Wonderful recycled art is made by the children from papel malhecho, a kind of papier-mâché. You…
State Park in Mazamitla

Los Cazos

About 2km south of town is the leafy park of Los Cazos, with the 30m waterfall Casacada El Salto another 2km walk from the park entrance. You can picnic or hire a horse (M$300) and live out your John Wayne fantasies…
Waterfall in Tapalpa

El Salto del Nogal

El Salto del Nogal is a jaw-dropping, 105m-high waterfall about 18km south of town. A taxi costs around M$200 one way.
Museum in Ciudad Guzmán

Museo Arqueológico de Ciudad Guzmán

This tiny museum, no larger than a room divided into various sections, does a decent job outlining the history of southern Jalisco state through various clay figures, pots and other archaeological finds amassed by f…