Dangers & Annoyances

Ostensibly Zipolite is a place for peace and tranquility and most travelers enjoy a quiet, trouble-free stay here. However, some crimes against tourists have been reported in recent years, especially on the beach after dark. Enjoy the laid-back ambience, but don’t drop your guard too low. Always lock your bedroom door and think twice before spending the night on a hammock alfresco on the sand.

A more natural danger is Zipolite's surf. It’s fraught with riptides, changing currents and a strong undertow. Going in deeper than your knees can be risking your life. Local voluntary lifeguards rescue many, but people still drown here every year. The shore break is one only experienced surfers should attempt. Heed the warning flags: yellow means don't go in deeper than your knees; red means don't go in period.

Internet Access

Internet Cafe Also takes bookings for Azul Profundo.


There are ATMs outside Hotel Playa Zipolite and inside Hotel Nude on Av Roca Blanca, but they sometimes run out of cash. The nearest other ATMs are in Pochutla and Mazunte.