Cenotes de Cuzamá

Top choice swimming in South of Mérida

Three kilometers east of the town of Cuzamá, accessed from the small village of Chunkanan, are the Cenotes de Cuzamá, a series of three amazing limestone sinkholes accessed by horse-drawn railcart in an old henequén hacienda. The fun horse-drawn ride will jar your fillings loose while showing you attractive scenes of the surrounding, overgrown agave fields. Truly spectacular.

Iguana sightings are a sure bet here, but keen eyes can also spot vultures or caracaras, as well as other birds, lizards and the occasional rabbit or two.

One of the cenotes is featured in much of Yucatán’s tourist literature, and all three are spectacular, with rope-like roots descending along with ethereal shafts of light to the crystal-clear, deep-blue water. You'll likely find yourself sharing a dip with other bathers unless you get an early start. Several cenotes have steep stairways or ladders that are often slippery, so use caution at all times.

To get here by car, take Hwy 180 toward Cancún until you get to a turnoff for Ticopo on the right; after Akankeh (there’s a small pyramid here), bear to the left to reach Cuzamá. From there, head east at the cathedral for 3km to the cenotes. Signs will lead the way. Follow the road all the way to the hacienda. Some competitors along the way will try to offer their services, telling you the hacienda no longer exists – not true; they will bring you to other spots, also with rail carts and cenotes, some of which will be quite pretty as well. To get to the official one, be sure to arrive in town (not random parking lots), where you will see the tracks actually reaching the road.

Buses leave for Cuzamá (around M$30, one hour) from the Noreste bus terminal in Mérida, or you can take colectivos (around M$30) that depart from in front of the bus terminal.